Saturday, December 27, 2008

teenagers aren't complete mindless walking hormones

From ScienceDaily: Fears of Promiscuity Pose Barrier To Cervical Cancer Vaccinations

Do most people really think that teenagers are just barely keeping themselves from humping each other randomly because of the fear of cancer? There are a lot more road blocks than that. For instance, one must find someone who actually wants to have sex with you. And someone you want to have sex with. This is actually much more difficult than adults remember. There are teenagers having sex, yes, but I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be a huge increase in teens having sex by giving them this vaccine. I don't think most teens worry about STDs. When I was that age, I was definitely more worried about getting pregnant than catching something (not that I had very much sex in high school; I was pretty awkward). The teens that would have sex after vaccine are probably the same ones that do it anyway. (Can you imagine: "Oh baby, you know you love me, let's do it. You won't die a horrible death of cervical cancer anyway.")

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