Wednesday, December 10, 2008

overspend to mate?

From Live Science: Ooga Ooga! Men Overspend to Attract Mates

A double-whammy of "what-guys-do-to-get-laid-scientific-style." As with the previous study, where guys act aggressive to attract mates, I understand the underlying why but not the over-arcing why. In this study, scientists find that men who live beyond their means get laid a lot more. But, and forgive any sexism towards both men and women that will probably follow, I just get images of expensive meat-market clubs where women paint themselves deeper and men buy them expensive drinks to have sex with them. Women who want a man to buy them expensive things and take them expensive places. Men who do so, and complain that women only want their money. The cattiest kind of women, and the assholiest kind of men.

It's quality over quantity, guys. And gals.

I'm not just saying the quality of the relationship, or at least I don't mean casual sex is horrible and it's best if everybody tries to be in relationships. I just feel like the type of women who tries to get through life on her looks only, and the type of man who drives himself into debt to get pointless hot girls can be very good friends or companions or dates or lovers or spouses.

Like I wrote upwards, I'm probably just stereotyping this whole thing. I've never been much of a clubber or bar-goer (at least to pick people up) myself. I guess it's just this whole consumerism thing that pisses me off. I like buying new toys for myself, and I like new pretty clothes, but spending shit tons of money on clothes disgusts me, and the fun I would have playing an XBox360 on a big HD TV would not cover up the sinking feeling of being inescapably in debt when I can barely support myself.

Plus, I think guys who live happily within their means are pretty sexy. And I totally love that Not So Big House thing.

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